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Let's start off by letting everyone know, what exactly is All Wheel Sports?

All Wheel Sports is an action sports show that's at almost all Cedar Fair locations around the US. Such as Valley Fair, Worlds of Fun, ect... It's a free show in the park that consists of 3 gymnasts, 1 parkour, 2 scooters, 2 bikers, and one mountain biker. We have a 25 minute show that goes on 3 times a day except on Wednesdays. With a total of 150 shows for the entire summer.

How did you get involved with the show?

I contacted Tanner Markley (Razor). I sent him a few clips, and he got me sent to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri along with Derek Seay (Envy).

How long have you been a part of the cast?

As of now I have been apart of the cast for about a month. Still got 1 and a half to go.

How do these shows impact the youth? Have you noticed any direct reactions?

So far I've met kids that ride, and it got them so hyped that they all send me videos of things they have learned that day. A few kids have even started just because of the show.

For the younger kids, parents will tell me that their kid loved the show and said that's what he wants to do someday. So it's really really sick to see a much younger generation already wanting to start riding.

Do you get fulfillment from performing for the kids? What sort of emotions do you feel?

At first I was super nervous, but now it's second nature. I think it feels insane to be able to get younger kids and even the parents into the action sport world. My emotions are definitely a happy one, especially when I get to do a trick that gets the whole crowd going.

What is it like working with athletes from other action sports as well as gymnasts?

It's insane! Right now I'm working with Erika Madrid (Parkour) who free runs for Redbull and has done "Red Bull Art of Motion." Nic Hilton (Mountain Bike) who does Nitro Circus and triple flips. Rob Darden who is a BMX Legend. Along with John and Dale (Tramp wall) who are absolutely insane to watch! So getting to live and work with all these people, who are such a big inspiration to other people and sports, is so cool and an inspiration towards me as well. We all push each other to learn new stuff in between shows. So the progression level gets pretty high some days.

If someone wants to see an All Wheels show, where can they go?

Valley Fair, Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Great America, Worlds of Fun, I'm not sure on the rest.

Last words?

Hope to see some new riders here at Worlds of Fun or come say hi any other time you see me!

Special thanks to Grit Scooters, The Scooter Farm , San Diego Motivated, and Elyts Footwear.

June 23, 2016 by Jake Hershey
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Brian said:

Sick. Clayton is a warrior and great to see him mixing it up at this show. Love his riding.

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