Clayton Lindley | Grit Scooters

After going through some heavy changes, we've partnered up with Southern California's Clayton Lindley. In his home town of Escondido, he gets to ride so many amazing skateparks. He definitely goes hard in this short video. Welcome to the team Clayton.
January 27, 2016 by Jake Hershey
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Fili said:

I would like to win a scooter for my son who’s birthday is Feb. 6th. Also he’s such a go getter. He works for the neighbors near our home doing yard work or washing cars. He loves to save his money for what he really wants then asks mommy what i want. Sweet. He is such a good kid and doesn’t cause trouble. He has such a good volunteering spirit weather it’s at home, school, or church. Loves baseball and riding his Grit scooter that i bought him 2 yrs. ago.

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