Ryan Upchurch - Flatland Fun

    Ryan Upchurch was having a session out front riding flat on his new signature prototype deck and bars which will be dropping in the coming months.

    He had this to say: "It definitely wasn't easy getting the second clip, I actually spent about an hour trying to get it just right and even took a few spills. It was a race to get the clip before it got too dar and I got it just in time - thanks to Cooper Klaar for being patient and helping me film one of my favorite flatland lines I've ever done."

    Ryan's new signature parts promo and footage from the Southwest Tour will be dropping in the coming weeks, so expect some of Ryan's best footage to date. This video just goes to show that riding out front on some not so great concrete can turn out to be one of the best sessions.

(Song: Little Dragons - "Anew")
March 05, 2015 by Ryan Upchurch
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