Traveling With the Grit Team - Jake Clark

It was one of the best times traveling with my good friends and team mates Matt Edleston and Matt Kaminsky. This was our first trip with all three of us and man was it a good one. It all started with the boys staying over at my house the night before because we had an early wake up for a 7:30 flight. Didn't get much sleep night before and we were all so excited for Woodward and kinda nervous about Matt Kaminsky because he found a bolt at the bottom of his Carl's jr shake. But when we woke up that morning everyone was good and excited for the big trip. We all sat next to each other on the plane rides and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise on our journey down to so cal. Once we landed in San Diego it took a while for Vincent and Tommy to find us so Matt and I were seshing this prime ledge we found in front of the airport. Once we got picked up the real trip to Woodward had started. Thank you so much to Vincent Kudrna and Grit Scooters for making this trip possible. - Jake Clark
March 02, 2015 by Jake Hershey
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