Woodward West - Vendetta Deck Promo

Woodward west was a huge success! Starting from the first day to the last we were stacking clips! Every single park at Woodward was amazing. It was like being at Disney land for scooters. Can't thank grit enough for this trip. I recommend Woodward to everyone. - Jake Clark

This was my first time here at Woodward West. The feeling you get as you walk in that gate for the for first time, is one you'll never forget. With all these great things at Woodward, can only mean for you to have great success. They have almost everything to offer, even from bowling, all the way to hitting the mega ramp! This place is made for you test your skills, and that's exactly what me and my team mates Jake Clark and Matt edleston did on our 5 day trip. Was a lot of fun filming our Vendetta promo along the way. We're all glad to say it is now released. - Matt Kaminsky

As many of you already know, my woodward experience can to a halt the first official day of camp. It's very hard to say what happened for me since I don't remember anything about that day or what happened. All of us were filming for the Vendetta deck promo and I only got one clip before my accident. I went for the superman deck grab over the spine and I missed my feet and instantly hit the ground. In return, I was knocked out, concussed, broke my teeth, broke my nose, broke my knuckle, fractured my face, bruised ribs, bruised my shoulder and split my chin open. Jake Clark and Matt Kaminsky were the first two on the scene. Matt saw my tooth fly across the ground as I fell. Soon after I was strapped to a stretcher and was rushed to the emergency room. I spent a couple hours there before I was released. I headed back to woodward and I was treated great by all the staff there. I would like to thank everyone who helped me out with this situation. It means the world to me. The road to recovery has begun and I'll be back riding soon. Matt Edleston
February 20, 2015 by Jake Hershey
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