Top Events of 2016!

What is up metal heads??

Are you wondering what the years biggest scooter events are going to be? Look no further! As one of the biggest brands in the industry, we know exactly what is going on, when it is happening, and where it is all going down.

This year started off on a bad note when the biggest park competition in the USA was cancelled due to rain (and it didn't even rain that day!!). The good news is that SD10 was rescheduled and will not be August 20th. That is a long ways away so let me clue you in on the events coming up.

Woodward West - ISA National Qualifier - April 2nd 2016

The ISA @ Woodward West is always a blast. So many west coast pro riders to meet and ride with. Also a great location to show off your skills in front of the industry's leading team managers and brand owners.

The Incline Club - ISA National Qualifier - April 16th 2016

The Incline Club has a personal place in my heart. This is where I grew up riding my scooter, skateboard, and bike. Heck I even tried rollerblading but couldn't make it more than a day on those! TIC is the first skatepark on the east coast to EVER host a scooter competition, so they hold a huge place in scooter history. You won't want to miss this fun event. Shout out to Donna Cranmer for always supporting our sport!

The Vault Pro Scooters - Rail Jam - April 17th 2016

Hosted by Grit, Crisp, Phoenix, and District, The Vault Rail Jam is going to be epic! There will not only be giveaways and contests all day, but also a food truck and some hectic riding from a lot of pros. Be there or be there. No other option.

Arizona Weekend - Ride Days - April 22nd-24th 2016

The Grit, Crisp and District boys will be in Arizona the weekend of April 22-24. First stop is going to be Average Joe's and then a sesh at The Wedge. Saturday will be JAM packed with fun at KTR in Chandler. We are looking forward to having a sesh on the brand new park. The final stop will be at AZ Grind, Arizona's original indoor park! Can't wait! Stay tuned for details.

Canadian ISA Qualifier - April 24th and April 30th 2016

If you are anywhere above the American border you are going to have to get yourself to one of these two qualifiers. On April 24th, Evolve skatepark is holding the first of the two Canadian ISA Qualifiers. The second on is on April 30th in Coquitlam. The Canadian scooter scene is still on the up and up, so if you think you have what it takes, get to one of these events and show them what you are made out of!

Ayala Skatepark (Big Chino) - ISA North American Final - May 8th 2016

This event has the potential to be the biggest, most exciting park contest in the USA to date. All of those who qualified in the previously mentioned events will go head to head at one of the most challenging skateparks on the west coast. The top riders from this event go to the World Finals. This is an event you will have to see to believe.

Barcelona Extreme - ISA World Finals - June 18th and 19th 2016

The ISA World Champion from 2015 is none other than Jordan Clark. Jordan rides for Grit Scooters and will most definitely defending his championship again this year. The competition will be intense. The ISA is partnering with Spain's biggest event, Barcelona Extreme. This event encompasses all action sports and since last year, they've included scootering. Don't miss the live stream!

Clairemont YMCA - SD10 - August 20th2016

As stated previously, SD10 was cancelled back in January. That only means it is going to come back in August bigger and better than ever. All of the industry leaders attend this event, and we usually even see professionals from as from as Australia. From the time you walk in and see the garden of booths from brands you only ever imagined meeting, to the sunset awards ceremony, you will be overwhelmed with scooter culture. You'll have to be there to get the true experience. 

Scooter Hut Pro Series - No Location Set - August 27th 2016

The Scooter Hut Pro Series was by far the biggest park competition scootering has ever seen. With a prize purse of $15,000 it has the record of being the highest prize purse ever in the sport. I don't know about any of the locations yet, but I can't wait to find out. See you there!


We really hope to see you at some of these events this year!

March 25, 2016 by Jake Hershey
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