V is for Vendetta

According to the biggest scooter shops, the Grit Vendetta deck is amongst the hottest on the market. With a nice smooth bottom and boxed sized, you'll be sliding grinds longer and better than ever before.
All of our Grit riders choose the Vendetta deck over anything. They love how lightweight the deck is so that they can do an array of tricks. The skeleton style head tube definitely adds the cool factor. When you ride by, everyone will be staring.
Let us know what you think about the Vendetta deck.
If you think Clayton and Bobby should get signature decks, tell us!
March 14, 2016 by Jake Hershey
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Nathaniel Porter

Nathaniel Porter said:

Can you make a different colors? also yes on signature decks

Jared Brown

Jared Brown said:

Signature decks for sure! Possibly red? And make it so the 5 wide can fit pegs with the axle that comes with? Great deck though, the 5 wide is so amazing!


Isaac said:



Alex said:

Yes clyton should get a signature deck and Bobby as well. I wanted to just say that it would be sick if the gold and grey vendetta decks came in 19.7long as the blue and black. Also , we should get chrome decks or a oil slick. Take grit to the next level !


Zack said:

You guys should make the grit invader bars wider. You guys should make them at least 24w by 24h. You guys should also get more AM riders.


Javier said:

I love grit vendetta decks but you guys should come with a better break. I had 3 vendetta decks and the breaks snap so easily. Please make some stronger breaks.


Daniel said:

Yeah clyton should get a signature deck for sure. You guys should add more AM riders. You guys only have Tristen , you guys need to bump some riders up !

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